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USTKİP improves cooperation within international contribution aid centers of non-governmental organizations and increases efficiency and productivity of activities.


Improving cooperation between non-governmental organizations on the ground of international development aids, gathering them under a supra-identity institutionalizing and specializing so as to be effective in directing the national, international official and private institutions, as well as public opinion to the target group interests,

Developing and implementing projects in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of activities that are carried out by member NGOs in their own field,

Increasing the portion of international development aids allocated to the target groups contributing to regional and global peace by enabling effective use of these aids,

Contributing to formation of collective initiative among members and target public members,





Head Office of TASAM in Istanbul moved into the Mansion of Dr. Ali & İsmail Tarkan where has been for a century in Hırkai Şerif who is one of the most chaste districts of Historical Peninsula. The Mansion, whose gate number is 20 in Eski Ali Paşa Caddesi, Fatih; is a creation of 19th century registered as “A Culture Existence Should Be Protected” with the decision of the Protection Council of Culture and Nature Existences. 4-storey building which has characteristic features of the period takes the attention with its wooden masonry structure and esthetic architectural design.