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USTKİP improves collaboration between all non governmental organizations in order to contribute to regional problem solutions with global cooperation.

  • Within the framework of the objectives and targets, the mission of USTKIP includes the following:
  • To prepare development aids, regional and global programs and projects; to determine the national and international non-governmental organizations to implement the projects,
  • To prepare annual projects and programs for development aids,
  • To determine and coordinate the public projects which are to be implemented through public supply and/or non-governmental organizations, to carry out the required negotiations with the public,
  • To establish and maintain the required medium for the non-governmental organizations participating in development aids so that they can improve communication and coordination among themselves,
  • To keep the inventories and contact information relating to national and international non-governmental organizations, to announce their activities within the platform,
  • To improve solidarity and cooperation among the member non-governmental organizations participating in activities regarding development aids,
  • To provide cooperation between national non-governmental organizations carrying out activities regarding development aids and the similar member organizations in the countries receiving the development aids,
  • To enable member non-governmental organizations participating in activities regarding development aids to acquire membership in international aid organizations, and carrying out necessary activities with such organizations concerning mutual project implementation,
  • To improve the solidarity between non-governmental organizations in order to contribute to the solving of the regional problems with global cooperation.



In this section you can find the up-to-date announcements pertaining to the needs of non-governmental organizations, the projects in progress, and the laws and regulations to be complied within providing international aid. In this section, all the amendments made to the laws and regulations as forwarded by the management of the platform will be announced periodically. In this section the non-governmental organizations will be able to provide information pertaining to their projects while being able to observe the institutions and establishments that can provide support for their projects.