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Main Page GOALS


The basic objective of USTKIP is to provide sustainable development, cooperation and unity between non governmental organizations both in Turkey and the world.


USTKIP, has been designed as a platform allowing the international non-governmental organizations and similar organizations operating across the world to enter into interaction focusing on sharing and solidarity, thus leading them to be more effective in their regions and as well as internationally.

USTKIP has been founded as a ground for classifying the activities of related  non-governmental organizations, establishing the standards for methodology expanding the scope and capacity, allowing cooperation in international relations, social aids, science, culture, education, health, environment, production, investment and technology.

Providing sustainable development, union and coordination among the non-governmental organizations on a global scale, contributing to the achievement of a world of justice, peace and stability, protecting the basic rights and liberties of individuals and societies, carrying out technical and social activities with reciprocal cooperation for the development of civil society in line with participatory and pluralistic principles, performing activities to introduce common culture and values are among the objectives of USTKIP.




In this section you can find the up-to-date announcements pertaining to the needs of non-governmental organizations, the projects in progress, and the laws and regulations to be complied within providing international aid. In this section, all the amendments made to the laws and regulations as forwarded by the management of the platform will be announced periodically. In this section the non-governmental organizations will be able to provide information pertaining to their projects while being able to observe the institutions and establishments that can provide support for their projects.