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Members of USTKİP, member non-governmental organizations and managers of member organizations accept the below stated values as “common values of USTKİP”:


  • Respecting the democratic understanding and human rights that are defined under international law and accepted by the international public opinion,
  • Any kind of terrorism and violence,
  • Adopting the conception of development concerning regional and global peace,
  • Treating fairly all the people without any discrimination regarding religion, language, ethnicity, sex and region,
  • Adopting the vision and mission of USTKIP,
  • Remaining a non-profit organization,
  • Preventing the services within USTKIP to be exploited for personal interest and politics in the strict sense,
  • Respecting and tolerating differences,
  • Cooperating with USTKIP member NGOs and their directors,
  • Being available for contact to every section of society,
  • Possessing no legal obstruction for carrying out activities,
  • Contributing to the fortification of common ideal and identity,
  • Avoiding any hierarchical ties with national authority,
  • Respecting the law and culture of the foreign country carrying out activities.





Head Office of TASAM in Istanbul moved into the Mansion of Dr. Ali & İsmail Tarkan where has been for a century in Hırkai Şerif who is one of the most chaste districts of Historical Peninsula. The Mansion, whose gate number is 20 in Eski Ali Paşa Caddesi, Fatih; is a creation of 19th century registered as “A Culture Existence Should Be Protected” with the decision of the Protection Council of Culture and Nature Existences. 4-storey building which has characteristic features of the period takes the attention with its wooden masonry structure and esthetic architectural design.