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Members of USTKİP, member non-governmental organizations and managers of member organizations accept the below stated values as “common values of USTKİP”:


  • Respecting the democratic understanding and human rights that are defined under international law and accepted by the international public opinion,
  • Any kind of terrorism and violence,
  • Adopting the conception of development concerning regional and global peace,
  • Treating fairly all the people without any discrimination regarding religion, language, ethnicity, sex and region,
  • Adopting the vision and mission of USTKIP,
  • Remaining a non-profit organization,
  • Preventing the services within USTKIP to be exploited for personal interest and politics in the strict sense,
  • Respecting and tolerating differences,
  • Cooperating with USTKIP member NGOs and their directors,
  • Being available for contact to every section of society,
  • Possessing no legal obstruction for carrying out activities,
  • Contributing to the fortification of common ideal and identity,
  • Avoiding any hierarchical ties with national authority,
  • Respecting the law and culture of the foreign country carrying out activities.





In this section you can find the up-to-date announcements pertaining to the needs of non-governmental organizations, the projects in progress, and the laws and regulations to be complied within providing international aid. In this section, all the amendments made to the laws and regulations as forwarded by the management of the platform will be announced periodically. In this section the non-governmental organizations will be able to provide information pertaining to their projects while being able to observe the institutions and establishments that can provide support for their projects.