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الصفحة الرئيسي الاخبار International Muslim Women Summit

International Muslim Women Summit

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The proposal to arrange International Muslim Women Summit was first put forward to in a discussion during UNAOC Global Forum held in Bali - Indonesia as the date of August in 2014, was also presented to the Board Members during the World Islamic Forum held in Istanbul. Afterwards, this proposal was agreed upon as an accepted sense during the World Islamic Forum organized in Islamabad. 

The Summit whose main theme signaled “Muslim Women – Silk as Soft, Strong as Iron” will strongly emphasized that Muslim Women are gentle individuals with high level of modesty while are still upholding the Fundamentals of Islam. In actual fact that, Muslim Women has incomparable inner and outer beauty. The Summit is attempt to organized a platform with the intention to gather Muslim Women in order to share their ideas and experiences. It will have also predict to create huge synergy and wide networks among the woman based NGOs around the World. Eventually, The Summit has significant importance to strengthening the role of women competencies especially the Muslim Women in Malaysia as a role model.

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في هذه المساحة ستجدون احتياجات مؤسسات المجتمع المدني ، المشاريع التي يجري تنفيذها، الاعلانات المحدثة الخاصة بالقوانين و القوانين الداخلية التي يجب الالتزام بها و المتعلقة بالمساعدات الدولية. سيتم من خلال هذا القسم موضوع البحث الاعلان وبشكل دوري عن كل التغييرات الحاصلة على القوانين و القوانين الداخلية من قبل ادراة البرنامج. تستطيع مؤسسات المجتمع المدني من خلال هذا القسم اعطاء معلومات عن مشاريعها وراقبة المؤسسات و الهيئات التي من الممكن ان تدعم تلك المشاريع.